50L Whole Copper Home Distiller,  Copper  Distillation

50L Whole Copper Home Distiller, Copper Distillation

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Whether you want to create essential oils, spirits, or hydrosols, this 50L whole copper home distiller unit will suite all of your needs. 

  1. 50L  Stainless Steel 304 Pot  ( With Electric Heater,Thermometer,Ball Valve)-1pcs
  2. 4"x 4"x 3" Copper Column Union Tri-Clamp Tee,High 150mm-4pcs
  3. Copper Bubble Plate Sets (copper plate x 1,copper cap x 5,copper downcomer cap x 1)-4pcs
  4. 4" Copper Dephlegmator  (high 150mm, inner 9 tubes)-1pc
  5. 3” Copper Condenser (400mm High,inner 4 tubes, Condenser Inlet/Outlet: Double 1/2” Female NPT Port,)-1pc
  6. 2” Copper  Elbow 180 degree-1pc
  7. Copper Parrot Beak  With 1" Ball Valve-1pc
  8. Thermometer-2pcs
  9. 4" Tri-clamp With Silicon Gasket-6pcs
  10. 3" Tri-clamp With Silicon Gasket-2pcs
  11. 2" Tri-clamp With Silicon Gasket-1pc
  12. 1" Tri-clamp With Silicon Gasket-2pcs 

Care for your still:
A first cleaning distillation is recommended to clean out any impurities left over from the manufacturing process. These substances, which are inherent to copper, can also be deposited after the still has not been used for a long period of time.